Chair Person Desk

In the history of Bhagwan Mahaveer Shiksha & Vikash Samiti , Rishabhdeo ,the academic 2011-12 proved to be an important milestone. it is in this session that one of its units, Mahaveer public school , got its 10+2 C.B.S.E. affiliation today, i am pleased to learn that the first batch of its Sr. sec. student is appearing for the Board Exams 2014-15. We hope and pray that the students come out in flying colors.

We are happy that all our school are doing very well in imparting quality education to young minds of the areas. The  Credit of the success goes to the management members, head of the schools, the teachers and other who are supporting it from behind the curtain, i thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I also congratulate the ‘Sanchalika’ of the SAMITI Mrs. leelawati kikawat for her efforts in establishing the SAMITI  and the success she gained in a short time. i thank all the parents and the well wishers of the school without whose cooperation this institute could not have taken this shape.

“We always deliver more than expected”

Mr. S.L.jain