Reading makes a man perfect. The whole education process is incomplete without the knowledge accumulated by reading various books B.R Tyagi Sr. Sec School boasts of library that’s not only well equipped with books on varied topics but also well managed so as to provide an environment conductive to knowledge and information assimilation. The library occupies a central place at the B.R Tyagi Sr. Sec. School, where an extensive reference section and a reading room provide new-age books and carefully selected magazines and periodicals.


To give impetus to the learning process, the school provides an independent laboratory system well equipped junior and senior laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology are provided so that the students do not merely replicate textbook procedure but learn through practical’s and experiments as well.

Computer centers

Moving in sleep with evolving times, the school offers comprehensive computer training. The computer center is supported by hi-tech multimedia facility, audio-video library, and e-books internet facility and advanced learning materials.

Sports and Games

Sports and game play a lead role in building a healthy and competitive attitude among the students. We understand that every game played within the rules and regulations, does not just build stamina to perform under stress and strain but also forms the character required of a true team player. The school provided facilities and generous playing area for games like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton, table tennis, handball, snooker, and many more. Games are played under the watchful eyes or coaches and instructions. Students are given through opportunity to participate in different sporting events at different levels. The school has provision for supporting genuinely talented players and also rewarding them by bestowing honors.


Shakespeare once said that the man without music in his life is nothing but a pretty dismal specimen. Right he was. Promotion of interpersonal skills through various are forms, is central to the school’s learn, play and master a variety of musical instruments under the side guidelines of gurus. Annual day functions and other such cultural activities also form a platform for honoring the acquired skills.

Tours & Excursions

"Go son, the world is out there”. Said wise man. Yes, the concept of wholesome growth is incomplete without learning from the rough and tough environs of the outside world. The schools regularly organize various outdoor activities like educational tours within the country, science excursions, off campus visits and supervised expeditions.

Design and Technology

Researchers prove that true inclination towards innovation, design and technology, actually takes shape at the takes shape at the primary level of the student’s life. Keeping this in mind, the school offers project involving electronic aid and engineering abilities, using mental and wood. Undoubtedly, an excellent way to encourage the budding scientist of the future.

Monday Routine test and monthly exam

On every Monday tests and monthly exam are conducted on pre assigned topics. There tests are compulsory for all students from class I to X. Absence at the test on any ground is not condoned. However, concession on one exam per subject is allowed to the student during a year 20% marks of these tests and exam are added to the final annual score of every student. The Monday routines test schedule for classes to XII has been given separately.